JC Auto-Brightness issues Repair Programmer for iPhone 8/8P/X

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Tips: This product is not available for Self-Assembled Flex iPhone Screen

Product Specification:

1. Compatible With: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X

2. Colors: Green

3. Function: Auto-Brightness issues Repair

4. Package Weight: about 300g

Product Features:

iPhone 8/8P/X LCD screen photosensitive data Backup Read & Write Module for JC pro1000S Phone Chip

Programmer, after you change the iphone 8 8P X Screen, read the photosensitive data from the original screen

and re-write it to the assembly screen on iphone 8 8P X.

1. support independent operation with reading / writing two-button operation

2. Support JC PRO1000S offline APP operation One-click reading and writing Automatic verification

3. support JC PRO1000S connection computer platform operation

APP software supports online upgrade Follow-up may open LCD code modification function

Operating instructions 

Step 1: Place the original screen, click the read button, the read indicator lights up after the reading is completed.

Step 2: Replace the new screen, click the write button, after the writing is completed, the indicator light is on.

Note: display module supports PRO1000S offline app operation.

JC PRO1000S Photosensitive Module repair automatic photoreceptor function disappearance after repairing and

replacing LCD, PRO1000S Photosensitive Module Automatic Photoreceptor Recovery Adjustment Brightness

The IOS11 system has performed internal code verification on the screen and needs to copy the original screen data

to a new screen to ensure that the brightness adjustment works properly! For Iphone 8/8P/X after maintence and

replacement of LCD screen, the automatic photoreceptor function will disappears. JC Iphone 8/8P/X Photosensitive

Repair Module is an perfect tool for fixing this problem. Read & write photosensitive data on iPhone 8/8P/X LCD screen,

after you change the iphone 8 8P X Screen, which can backup to the computer, even if the LCD screen is lost, as long

as you have the data, it can also be used after replacing the screen in the future