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Wholesale Cell Phone Parts and LCD Screen Replacement

We offer multiple high quality of mobile phone and tablet replacement parts to repair stores and wholesalers in the worldwide. There is strict inspection on quality, the defective rate is lower than 1%. We offer a 12 months warranty for parts without man-made damage. When you need to purchase mobile phone parts and screens in bulk, we are your best choice!

From LCD digitizer screen replacement for iPhone to various flex cables for HTC phones, from rear and front camera for Huawei mobiles to back cover housing replacement for Samsung series smartphones and IC chip replacement for iPad or other tablets, we offer everything mobile repair stores need.

91.9% of orders will be sent out within 48 hours, and you will get it in 2 to 5 days after shipping out. We make our success not only by our fast delivery and high quality, but also by our effective sincere customer service as we put our feet on customers’ shoes.

Our company provides you with the most comfortable customer service and Excellent shopping mode to make our progress. Mobile Teile aims to lead the cell phone parts wholesale industry and make business throughout the world to serve more customers.